A file is a collection of information. This is the basic unit of storage on the computer disk. SHAZAM makes use of files for input of information and output of results.

Input files (such as data files and SHAZAM command files) must be created and/or managed by the user. Input files can be created and modified with a text editor .

Text Editor

An editor is a program that is like a word processor but much simpler and with fewer features. Windows SHAZAM provides an editor window for preparing SHAZAM command files. Alternatively, examples of editors that can be used are:

Windows Notepad
Macintosh     SimpleText

Note: As a general rule do not use the TAB key when preparing data files or SHAZAM command files. Use the space bar to line things up.

If a word processor is used to create data files and SHAZAM command files, the file must be saved in ASCII (.txt extension) format. In the word processor, from the File menu select Save as ... and use the Text only option to save the file.

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