ARCH Models

ARCH (autoregressive conditional heteroskedasticity) models recognize the presence of successive periods of relative volatility and stability. The error variance, conditional on past information, evolves over time as a function of past errors. The model was introduced by Engle [1982]. Bollerslev [1986] proposed the GARCH (generalized ARCH) conditional variance specification that allows for a parsimonious parameterisation of the lag structure. Considerable interest has been in applications of ARCH/GARCH models to high frequency financial time series.

The HET command in SHAZAM provides features for maximum likelihood estimation of models with ARCH or GARCH errors.


The examples in this section use a data set of daily exchange rate changes for the Deutschemark/British pound. The data set is from Bollerslev and Ghysels [1996] and has been adopted as a benchmark data set by McCullough and Renfro [1999] (also see the discussion in McCullough and Vinod [1999]). The model of interest is:

      Yt = 100 [ln(Pt) - ln(Pt-1)] = µ + et

where Pt is the bilateral Deutschemark/British pound rate. The topics are:


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