How to run SHAZAM

How to Run SHAZAM

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How SHAZAM Works

SHAZAM can be used in either interactive mode or batch mode. In interactive mode SHAZAM commands are typed at a SHAZAM command prompt and SHAZAM responds by displaying results on the screen. The STOP command finishes the session.

In batch mode, SHAZAM processes a command file without any user interaction. The SHAZAM command file must be prepared with a text editor. The results are written to an output file for the user to inspect. After reviewing the output file, the user can then modify the command file and re-submit it to SHAZAM.

Using SHAZAM in Interactive or "Talk" mode

When SHAZAM begins execution it will first display a banner that contains site license information. It then gives the SHAZAM command prompt:


Type any SHAZAM command and then press the Enter key. SHAZAM will respond after each command. Type STOP to terminate the SHAZAM session and return to the operating system.

Using SHAZAM in interactive mode can be useful for short tasks or for one of the following:

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