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Data Sets for:

William Greene, Econometric Analysis, Seventh Edition, Pearson, 2011

Selected examples using these data sets.

Data set descriptions are given in Appendix A, p. 953 of the Greene textbook.
Data Files
Table F2-1 TableF2-1.shd
Table F2-2 TableF2-2.shd
Table F3-1 TableF3-1.shd
Table F4-2 TableF4-2.shd
Table F4-4 TableF4-4.shd
Table F5-1 TableF5-1.shd
Table F5-2 TableF5-2.shd
Table F5-3 TableF5-3.shd
Table F6-1 TableF6-1.shd
Table F6-2 TableF6-2.shd
Table F6-3 TableF6-3.shd
Table F7-2 TableF7-2.shd
Table F8-1 TableF8-1.shd
Table F9-1 TableF9-1.shd
Table F10-3 TableF10-3.shd
Table F14-1 TableF14-1.shd
Table F20-1 TableF20-1.shd
Table F21-1 TableF21-1.shd
Table FC-1 TableFC-1.shd